Type of service: Disability Services

What they do: Provide in-home assistance with daily living activities (Home services). Assist people who want to work or attend college (Vocational/Rehabilitation Services, and Bureau of Blind Services). Can help with disability accommodations, transportation, tuition assistance, and more.

Who is eligible:

Home Service: anyone under age 59 years old who has a documented disability or illness that impedes daily living. Must meet certain financial guidelines.
Vocational/Rehab Services and Bureau of Blind Services: Must have a documented disability or visual impairment. Must meet certain financial guidelines.

Referral needed? Can self-refer. Home Services has a wait-list but you can sign up to get on the wait-list.

Best way to access services: Call the office.

Address: 1429 S. Main St., Suite C, Jacksonville
Hours of operation: 8:40 am – 5:00 pm Monday -Friday, expect for holidays
Phone number: ​217-245-9585
Fax: 217-243-8131