JAY-PRO – Jacksonville Alternatives for Youth Promoting Restorative Opportunities

Type of Service: Mentoring/Community Service Provider

What do they do: Community based program designed to provide community service hours and volunteerism opportunities to youth of Morgan county. The program promotes mentoring, support, job skill development, life skills, restorative justice, community and civic engagements.

Who is eligible: Morgan County youth between 11-21 years of age.

Referral needed? Required community service hours require a referral, volunteerism is welcome to all.

Best way to access: Call (217)-245-6000 or submit referral form

Address: 2001 West Lafayette Ave., Jacksonville, IL, 62650
Hours of operation: M-F 8:30 am – 4 pm
Community Service: M-F 4:00 – 6:00 pm and Saturday 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Type of service: Mentoring
What they do: Match youth with 1:1 mentor, provide “site-based” mentoring, and community events for “bigs” and “littles”
Who is eligible? Ages 5-13, no restrictions. Free! You can enroll to get a personal one on one mentor or have a mentor at a site.
Referral needed? Referrals are accepted from schools, counselors, and DCFS, but no referral is needed
Best way to access services: Call office and make appointment.

Address: 110 Walnut Court Jacksonville, IL 62650
Hours of operation: Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  (By request during COVID)
Phone number: 217-602-0023
Contact person: Brian Ganz


Jacksonville DREAM Center Foundation

Type of service: Volunteer
What they do: Match kids of all ages with volunteer experiences and adult mentors to help them explore their interests, gain job skills, and participate in the community. If you are interested in learning to do something, the DREAM Center can probably help you out!
Who is eligible? Open to all. You can even bring your friends or family with you!
Referral needed? No
Best way to access services: Walk in or email with questions

Address: 210 W. College, Jacksonville
Hours of operation: Most afternoons and evenings

Website | Facebook

Humble Horizons 

Type of service: Activities, Mentoring, Youth Development

What they do: Student-Athlete Program, Career/Networking Program, Male Involvement Program, and Humble Horizons Sisters Circle. Host events and provide mentorship activities to youth while maintaining the core values of Humility, Unity, Maturity, Blessed, Leadership, Education.

Who is eligible? Youth and adults. Please see individual programs for targeted ages.

Referral needed? No. Just contact Sam or Terry to get started!

Best way to access services: Call or email.

Contact Person:
Samuel Holmes Jr- Email: Phone: 217-370-8357, or
Terry Grant- Email: Phone: 217-204-4991 ​
Address: P.O. Box 1382 Jacksonville, IL 62651,  Facility coming soon to the corner of Clay and Walcott!
Hours of operation: Special events only at this time, please contact Sam or Terry, or follow on Facebook for updates!

Website | Facebook


Type of service: Mentoring
What they do: Group mentoring events. This program challenges youth ages 12-17 to be leaders in their school and community. Youth participate in service-learning projects, tutoring, and serve as role models to other youth. The goal is to have students become lifelong scholars and leaders. GoodGuides also assists youth in finding a future career. They offer a student-athlete program, service learning, summer youth employment, career and life navigation, and mentoring.
Who is eligible? All youth ages 12-17 are welcome. Free!
Referral needed? No
Best way to access services: Call Sam at 217-370-8357

Phone number: 217-340-8357
Contact person: Sam Holmes, Jr.

Pregnancy Resource Center – HOPE Mentoring

Type of service: Mentoring
What they do: Match pregnant or new mothers with a peer mentor. Mentees can receive “mommy money” to spend in the organization’s store to obtain items for themselves or their child
Who is eligible? No eligibility requirements. All are welcome.
Referral needed? None needed
Best way to access services: Call

Address: 1440 West Walnut, Suite A-3, Jacksonville
Hours of operation: See Website.