Type of service: Mentoring

What they do: Group mentoring events. This program challenges youth ages 12-17 to be leaders in their school and community. Youth participate in service learning projects, tutoring, and serve as role models to other youth. The goal is to have students become lifelong scholars and leaders. GoodGuides also assists youth in finding a future career. They offer a student-athlete program, service learning, summer youth employment, career and life navigation, and mentoring.

Who is eligible? All youth ages 12-17 are welcome. Free!

Referral needed? No

Best way to access services: Call Sam at 217-370-8357 or Ikenna at 217-789-0400.

Phone number: 217-340-8357 or 217-789-0400
Contact person: Sam Holmes, Jr. or Ikenna Martin
Email: slhjr30@hotmail.com