​Equip for Equality

Type of service: Disability Services What they do: Meetings or Court appearances (Representation and legal advice) Who is eligible? Available for persons with an ADA-recognized disability in Illinois Best way to […]

Land of Lincoln Legal Aid

Type of service: Legal Services What they do: Legal aid/consultation or referral Who is eligible? Low income persons and seniors with civil cases (not criminal, traffic, personal injury, workers’ compensation, […]

Social Security Office

Type of service: Documentation and Benefits What they do: Manage Social Security benefits – you can get a Social Security Card here! Who is eligible? U.S. Citizens and some noncitizens. […]

Secretary of State

Type of service: Documentation What they do: State ID and Driver’s Permit/License Who is eligible? STATE ID: Anyone. Must have appropriate forms. Fee is $20 over 18 years old, and $10 […]

Morgan County Health Department​

Type of service: Food assistance What they do: WIC, Lactation consultant, Lactation educator Who is eligible? low-income pregnant women, postpartum women up to six months after delivery, breastfeeding women up to 12 […]